Sheffield City Region offer key strategic assets including: our research capabilities, availability of a skilled workforce and the commercial benefits of locating in the region. Our world-class, research-led industrial collaboration assets create huge opportunities for joint working.

We are seeking long-term partners to work with us to develop the answers to pressing technological questions, and the institutions and assets set out below suggest endless collaboration potential. Our ambition is to create Europe’s largest advanced manufacturing cluster – and you can be part of our story.



Discover more about the Northern Powerhouse

The Northern Powerhouse includes five of the UK’s ten largest cities, including Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield and it is growing.

The Northern Powerhouse is home to 15.3 million people and 1.1 million businesses (an increase of 22% since 2010) and its economy is now worth £329 billion.

The North plays a vital role in the whole of the UK’s success: 50% of UK nuclear projects are based in the North; 30% of all the UK’s renewable energy, and the region has the largest concentration of financial, business and professional services outside of London.