Aerospace is a fast-growing sector in the City Region which has a reputation worldwide for making components to a high standard and at competitive prices. The Sheffield City Region produces super alloys for use in aircraft structures and other high-value manufacturing sectors.

Aerospace giant Boeing was a natural partner for the University of Sheffield when the AMRC was established.

Boeing is working with the Centre to develop advanced manufacturing technologies that will reduce the cycle time and cost of producing aerospace products while improving their quality and performance.

Adding to the strength of this cluster is the presence of Rolls- Royce which has opened the Advanced Blade Casting Facility, one of the most advanced in the world, which can manufacture 100,000 blades annually.

The AMRC works on the following research areas:

high performance machining
composite manufacturing
customised assembly
structural testing
design and prototyping

Sector factfile

Research is conducted into identifying and resolving problems in:

high-performance machining
low-volume, high value assembly
technologies for composite materials
structural testing
key players in the region include ATI Allvac, Maher, Technicut, and Gould Alloys

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