Leading the UK with Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Our region leads the UK with the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District (AMID) where university and industry collaboration help business reduce risk with research, testing, prototyping and rapid commercialisation. Both large companies and SME’s use these services.

Key Landmarks –
The Advanced Manufacturing Park
Sheffield Business Park
The Olympic Legacy Park

The Advanced Manufacturing Park, an extensive area close to the M1 motorway, has an impressive array of occupants including:

The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing, which partners with leading aerospace manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce, Nikken Kosakusho Europe, Maher, and Materialise, and their supply chain companies. The AMRC has a dedicated training centre for over 400 manufacturing apprentices.

The University of Sheffield’s Nuclear AMRC, a partnership with the University of Manchester, dedicated to ensuring UK nuclear manufacturing supply chain companies have access to world leading expertise.

Castings Technology International – the world’s leading provider of technology, expertise and services to the cast metals sector and global supply chain.

The National Metals Technology Centre – NAMTEC is part of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, there to help companies improve their competitiveness and sustainability.

The Medical Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre – Part of the University of Sheffield AMRC, the Medical AMRC combines cutting-edge manufacturing technologies with world-class research and development and access to clinical expertise.