//People, place and passion – Sheffield City Region’s advanced manufacturing offer

Published 5th March 2019 at 4:32pm

by Sir Nigel Knowles, special advisor for trade and investment to Dan Jarvis, Mayor of the Sheffield City Region

People who know Sheffield City Region will already be familiar with our story of advanced manufacturing success. But for those of you who are meeting us for the first time, let me introduce you.

We are a region steeped in industrial heritage – known especially for our production of steel that first coined our famous ‘Made in Sheffield’ trademark. Yet we still have an established manufacturing sector that has flexed and adapted well to withstand the most challenging domestic and international policy and competition.

This matters because it has laid the foundation for Sheffield’s enviable skills base and extensive supply chain. Sheffield City Region has one of the largest and fastest growing SME sectors in the UK. Many of these companies can supply components and materials for factories that are making cutting edge products – from plane engines and car chassis to medical appliances and surgical instruments.

Sheffield City Region also boasts leading translational research capability, delivered by some of the world’s most talented academics. The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) works with more than 100 industrial partners to research materials and processes that find solutions to the pressing challenges of productivity. Its model of government, industry and academia collaboration has attracted attention from across the world. And it is this research capacity, backed up by world-class buildings and machines, that drove Boeing and McLaren to open new factories in the Sheffield City Region last year.
These new factories sit next to the AMRC on the Sheffield Business Park and the Advanced Manufacturing Park – both within our emerging Global Innovation Corridor. Sheffield City Region is rich in land and property opportunities, and this corridor will help provide the infrastructure for even more investment and growth.

And then there’s the people. I believe one reason that Sheffield City Region keeps attracting global companies is our passion to open doors and drive growth. From landowners committed to strategic design, leaders continually brokering new partnerships, to skilled professionals training the next generation of advanced engineers, Sheffield City Region has a wealth of people ready to help make things work.

There’s much more to say, but, more importantly, there’s much more to see.

If you would like to visit our region and discuss opportunities let us know. Drop us an email to enquiries@scrinvest.com and visit our website for further details here.