//PES Performance co-present on real-world applications of Graphene to UK-India Trade Mission

Published 8th April 2021 at 12:27pm

Mike Maddock managing director of Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) Ltd, appeared at the recent virtual Northern Asian Power Mission event which focused on building the existing relationship between India and the UK regions within the Northern Powerhouse.

Mike presented with colleague Adrian Nixon of Nixene Publishing Ltd with whom PES Performance have established a new business platform, in order to work as partners on various exciting graphene research opportunities within the advanced materials sector.

Mike said, “We were pleased to be asked to present our ‘Graphene, Advanced Material Update and its Applications’ talk at the Northern Asian Power Mission event. I visited Mumbai & Pune in 2019 as part of the Sheffield City Region senior team delegation and I saw at first hand the outstanding opportunities that exist for collaboration between the UK and India.”

The presentation was part of the Mission’s ‘Future of Manufacturing Industry Masterclass’, which highlighted the potential links between the UK and India in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, steel, infrastructure and advanced systems. Speakers at the Masterclass included representatives from Make UK, Tata Steel, BAE Systems and Macalloy Ltd.

The event also included discussions on the impact of innovative new materials, such as graphene, and the rise of environmental issues for industry such as net zero.

Mike added, “Graphene is such an important new material, both for industry and the wider environment, and we feel that it is vital that businesses have a better understanding of its benefits. It is also crucial to break the current myths about graphene which followed the hype of graphene’s initial discovery.

“As a team we are now one of the world’s leading authorities and we wanted to give a brief overview of how graphene has already been used effectively across a wide variety of commercial sectors. It truly is a material that will revolutionise global opportunities for industries.”

For more on the latest developments in graphene visit Nixene Publishing.