Our energy resources


The Sheffield City Region is playing a vital role in the UK’s civil nuclear industry.

At the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre processes can be optimised to help produce large, complex components for the power industry.

Researchers work with industry to resolve problems in large-scale machining and advanced joining and cladding techniques.


The region is home to the largest Hydrogen Mini-Grid System of its kind in the UK, using hydrogen as a sustainable alternative to hydrocarbon fuels.

Siemens UK Wind Power Research Centre at the University of Sheffield focuses on developing the most efficient onshore and offshore wind turbines.

The total market value of low carbon goods and services for the region is £1.62billion.

Oil and gas

The region has developed sophisticated technologies in response to increasingly demanding conditions in the oil and gas industries.

Expertise is available in manufacturing components in high performance alloys, and in developing sophisticated tooling and metals processing.

Global businesses such as Rolls-Royce, Nestle, and Amazon, are just some of the many international companies which have seen the benefits of locating here.