About the Northern Powerhouse

The Northern Powerhouse represents a major economy in its own right and it continues to grow.

With five of the UK’s 10 largest cities, a collective population of 15.3 million people and an economy worth £329 billion, the Northern Powerhouse provides solid demand and a continuous supply of opportunities for investors and developers. The North is home to great innovation, with eight of the world’s top 200 research intensive universities based here which amounts to 190,000 students, of which 28% are from overseas.

This provides both an underpinning innovative framework for business growth and a rich and continuous pool of local talent, creating a strong foundation for further growth.

We are immensely proud to be part of The Northern Powerhouse alongside the city regions of Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle and Hull, as well as Cumbria, Lancashire, Cheshire & Warrington, York North Yorkshire & East Riding and the Tees Valley.

“There is huge potential in the Northern Powerhouse, driven by our innovative ecosystems of universities, R&D centres and organisations. This access to world leading technology and research facilities has provided commercial success for many companies.”

  • Jake Berry, MP Minister for the Northern Powerhouse and Local Growth

The Department for International Trade has identified the rail industry in Sheffield City Region as one of it’s High Potential Opportunities throughout the Northern Powerhouse – you can find out more about our Rail industry and the opportunities we have, here.

The Department for International Trade help businesses export, drive investment, open up markets and champion free trade. As an international economic department they:

  • Enable and support firms to seize the opportunities of trade and international investment to establish a culture of exporting in the UK
  • Ensure the UK is recognised as the best place to invest and to attract, retain and grow international investment that strengthens the economy
  • Open markets, building a trade framework with new and existing partners which is free and fair
  • Use trade and investment to underpin the Government’s agenda for a Global Britain and its ambitions for prosperity, stability and security worldwide

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