Medical Technologies










Sheffield City Region has world-class capabilities and a global reputation for innovation, development, manufacturing and commercialisation of medical and healthcare technology solutions to deliver improved patient care and experience.

We support the medical technology sector from research through to commercialisation.

medtec-infographics-003This is a place where medical technology businesses thrive, resulting in one of the UK’s largest clusters of orthopaedic and medical device companies.

Your business can access world-class expertise for the design and implementation of novel materials to create ‘user led’ healthcare solutions. ‘Made in Sheffield’ and ‘Sheffield Steel’ are synonymous with quality and high standards, and Sheffield’s heritage of more than 200 years in pioneering steel making and engineering excellence has resulted in a culture of innovation, fundamental to the development of its modern manufacturing economy.

The region’s economic priority is to attract and retain business investment internationally and from the UK that brings jobs, improves regional prosperity and enhances the welfare of vibrant communities.

A wide and inspiring range of businesses in Sheffield City Region are working with our leading universities, and collaboratively with each other, to research, trial, and produce medical technologies which will benefit mankind.

“We have made significant investment in purpose built modern facilities. We are confident Sheffield is the best place for our company to continue to innovate and succeed as we benefit from the significant university expertise and regional networks.” Keith Jackson, MD, JRI Orthopaedics Ltd.

This region is outward looking and enthusiastic about collaboration and joint working. Businesses are able to call on unrivalled expertise in research and development on their own doorstep.