South Yorkshire – a location at the heart of the UK, which offers a world-class investment and relocation opportunity, as well as being a great place to live and work.

We are a region renowned for our industrial heritage and have a rapidly growing reputation for technologically advanced manufacturing and engineering, plus industrial digitisation to meet Industry 4.0 (I4.0).

We are both a Mayoral Combined Authority (MCA) and LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership), which means we are autonomous in our decision making, as well as being able to respond quickly to investors and businesses that are looking to relocate here.

What makes us different?

• Stainless steel was founded in our region over 90 years ago and we have a strong industrial heritage to draw upon.

• We have established dedicated business clusters where we share intelligence and pioneer research in the areas of advanced manufacturing, health & wellbeing and digital/technology.

• We have a highly skilled workforce and two million people within commutable distance of the city.

• We’re home to two world class universities; The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, which together have 70,000 undergraduates and around 8,000 students respectively graduating each year.

‘drill down’ to discover the regions true potential

By using Locate in SY, you will be able to answer fundamental questions, such as ‘Is there suitable land or property available for a business there?’; ‘Does the district have a market for my business to succeed?’ ‘Is there sufficient skilled labour?’ and ‘What are the salaries paid in that area for this industry?’. Click here to find out more. 

South Yorkshire is an area with huge potential.

It’s a great place to live, it’s a great place to do business, it’s a great place to invest.
Located in the heart of the UK, we are a region renowned for our industrial heritage, but with a rapidly growing reputation for innovation-led manufacturing and engineering. We are driving growth by bringing you a wide range of investible opportunities, with a focus on innovation.

Perfect for anyone thinking of relocating to the region.

It’s also the reason why we attract so many visitors from all over the globe every year contributing to a substantial visitor economy. Our diverse and exciting region offers everything from nature to culture as well as great nightlife and sporting activities – there’s something for everyone.
We love the great outdoors, we’re cultured, we’re active. Click here to find out more.